Benefits Of Choosing Metalpha: The Best Crypto Return Option for Your Brand

When it comes to choosing a crypto return option for your investment, Metalpha is the obvious choice. Our platform provides businesses with a wide range of benefits that simply cannot be matched by any other crypto company. From our easy-to-use interface to our outstanding customer support, Metalpha has everything your business needs to get the most out of your crypto investment. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the key advantages of choosing Metalpha as your go-to crypto return option over other choices on the market.

Who Is Metalpha?

At Metalpha, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience when it comes to digital asset management. We are a multinational corporation based in Singapore, and we are backed by some of the world’s top ASIC miner producers. We currently have assets under management totaling up to USD 500 million, and our team is comprised of former investment bankers with rich experience in derivatives and structured products.

We are constantly innovating in the field of digital asset derivatives, and we have designed a number of pioneering crypto coin investment products and systems. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality service and products available, and we believe that our experience and dedication set us apart from the competition. Here are the top benefits of working with our company:

First BTC and ETH Snowball Product

Metalpha stands out from the competition by offering the first ever ETH and BTC snowball product on the cryptocurrency market. This unique product allows businesses to invest in a yield enhancement product where the investment can be redeemed early. Essentially these contracts are based on a specific underlying asset, and as the asset’s price stays within a certain range, customers will receive a payoff. You can buy this product using USDT or BTC with 105% callable and 80% conversion prices. Our ETH and BTC snowball is an excellent way to hedge against the volatility of the crypto market and ensure that your investment always has some value.

Ability To Invest In A BTC/ETH Dual-Earning Coin Product

Regardless of the market conditions, your company wants to be able to earn returns on your investment. Our BTC/ETH Dual-Earning coin product provides the first dual-earning investment opportunity on the market, allowing your business to stay profitable regardless of a falling or rising market. In addition, this provides a huge opportunity for your business’s investment, allowing you to choose different strike prices and tenors and potentially resulting in high returns. For investors looking for a more sure option, this is the perfect choice.

Higher Returns Than The Market Average

With all of our unique products like our crypto snowball, sharkfin, and dual-earning coin product, Metalpha also offers higher returns than the market average. Our platform is designed to be as efficient as possible, and we pass these savings on to our clients in the form of higher returns. We have a team of experienced professionals who are constantly working to improve our platform and offer the best possible service to our clients. As a result, since our initial launch, we have continued to provide an annualized return that’s significantly higher than the industry average.

Customized Risk Hedging Solutions

As a high-level investor, you know that risk management is crucial to success. Metalpha offers customized risk hedging solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs. We work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that includes both short-term and long-term hedges. This ensures that your investment is protected against market fluctuations while still providing you with the opportunity to profit from the upside potential of the market.

Ability To Collateralize Digital Assets

Another critical advantage of Metalpha is our ability to collateralize digital assets. This means that you can use your business’s crypto investment as collateral for a loan. This can be an extremely useful tool if your company needs access to liquidity without having to sell your investment. With Metalpha, you can get the cash you need without giving up any equity in your investment.

Unparalleled Customer Service Support

In addition to our features and advantages, Metalpha also offers unparalleled customer service support. Our team is available 24/hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions you may have. We are always happy to help our clients in any way we can.

Whether you’re looking for a higher return on your investment or you need some extra liquidity, Metalpha is the obvious choice. We offer a wide range of benefits that simply cannot be matched by any other crypto company.

Handy Application To Always Track Your Investments

Having to rely on an internet connection to check on your investments can be stressful, especially if you are traveling or in an area with poor service. Metalpha has you covered with our handy mobile application. The app allows you to track your investment performance, invest in new opportunities, and contact customer support – all from the palm of your hand.

Download the Metalpha App today and take advantage of all the benefits we have to offer. We offer versions for both Google Users and Apple Users.

Top-Notch Security With Our Industry Leading Technology

A common concern among investors is security. With Metalpha, you can rest assured that your investment is safe. We use the latest and greatest technology to keep your funds safe and secure. Additionally, our team of experts is constantly monitoring the market to ensure that your investment is protected against any potential threats.

We offer industry-leading storage technology, bank-grade security, and a team of experts that are always working to keep your investment safe. In addition, our third-party blockchain security company is constantly auditing our system to ensure that your funds are always safe.

The Bottom Line When it comes to crypto, Metalpha is the obvious choice. We offer a wide range of benefits that simply cannot be matched by any other company. If you’re looking for the best possible return on your investment, Metalpha is the right choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.