Dual Interest: Superb Profit Within A Short Time

Crypto trading is one of the best ways to make extra money. It is a new and exciting way to invest and make money. If you are new to this, you may wonder where to start. Well, it would be better for you to begin with dual interest. Recently Metalpha launched their dual interest cryptocurrency wealth management products.

Whether you are new in this crypto trading field or experienced one, you should try this exciting product that is blowing the mind of the crypto traders. I am about to discuss Metalpha dual interest with all the details you need to know before investing your money in cryptocurrency.

Dual interest is not new to the crypto market. Many platforms are already available that offer the dual interest service. First, you have to know what dual interest is? It is referred to as investing your money and guessing the future price. After a specific period, you get your money back in two different currencies. Usually, crypto Dual Interest use two popular currencies: BTC and ETH.

That is why it is also called BTC Dual Interest or ETH Dual Interest. No matter which term you use to state this program, the primary fundamental is always the same. You are going to the invested money if the price goes above the strike price; you will get your money back with interest in BTC. Otherwise, your money will be converted to ETH.

Metalpha Dual Interest has similar features and new enhanced features that are better for the investors and ensure easy money back with better profit. Still, you are getting similar fundamentals, but when you convert your money into BTC or ETH, you will get a particular discount to maximize your profit. Also, it has a short yield period that will bring your money back within seven days of your investment.

However, Metalpha has a tenor time of 28 days with continuing investment for one year for better profit. Let’s discuss the Metalpha terms and how you can make money using them. Although they have launched the program, the initial price has not yet been set. The program will start on 1st September 2022, and the initial price will be set that day.

You can deposit three hours before the initial price is published. You will get the money back after the settlement time, which is 28 days, and you will get your money back right after one hour of settlement.

After the investment, an initial price will be set for the currency. Then there will be a strike price based on that initial price. In Metalpha, the strike price is 90% of the initial price. As you know, cryptocurrency price goes up and down frequently. So, if the price goes above the underlying strike price, you will get your money back with the yield amount.

Otherwise, your money will be converted into ETH, which you will get at a discounted price. This is the basic fundamental of investing here. Let’s clarify further with the examples.

Imagine you invested 10 BTC in this program. And the initial price is 0.0805 as per the market price. So, your strike price will be the initial price * 90%. And that amount will be 0.07245. Now you have nothing to do within the tenor period but observe. If the market price goes above the strike price, you will get the money back with profit.

How? Your money will convert into BTC, and you will get it with a yield bonus. So, you invested 10 USD here; if the market price goes above the strike price after 28 days, you will get your money back in the following way.

Your money * (1+ Yield bonus percentage)

So, it will be 10 * (1+0.877%) = 10.0877 BTC. That will be the amount you are going to get from it. However, you will invest money in USD, and that USD will convert into BTC. For example, if you invest $10 that will be converted into BTC, that will multiply with the bonus to give you the final profit.

What if the market price goes below the strike price? Then your money will be converted into ETH, and you will get your money back at a discounted price of ETH. For example, if you invest a similar amount and the market price goes below the strike price, your calculation will be like this. (Denomination /Strike Price) * ( 1+ Yield )

So you will get (10/0.7245) * (1 + 0.877 ) = 139.2367 ETH in return. However, you will get a 10% discount when your invested amount converts into ETH.

As you can see, you will get the best profit from ETH Dual Interest when the market price goes above the strike price. There is no specific way to guess whether the market will go up or down. So, it is up to the market.

However, there will be no massive loss if the market price decreases drastically. Since your money will convert into ETH with a 10% discount, you can cover the loss quickly.

In addition, you can keep that money for one year and see what the market goes for. After 365 days, if the market price goes above the strike price, you will receive a 10% yield, which will be a massive profit. Otherwise, the calculation will be the same as before.

After seeing everything, you may wonder, what will happen with your money in the tenor period? Usually, your funds will be used for mortgage lending, hoarding, hedging, and other lending business to get the profit and deliver that profit to you. So, no need to worry about your money or getting scammed. However, you can not get your money back before the expiry date. In this case, the maturity period is 28 days.

Once you download the app, you will see the changes in real-time with all the metrics you need to know. Also, you can check out other Metalpha programs for fixed income and others. Nothing is complicated, so what could be better than Dual Interest if you are planning to invest in cryptocurrency. And Metalpha offers the most exemplary Dual Interest program with a massive profit possibility.

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