Metalpha Unveils The First Cryptocurrency Snowball Product In The Crypto Asset Management Industry

Crypto investment is not new anymore. Even the expert says it is the future of the financial market with digital assets and money. Metalpha is taking that crypto investment further by pushing the boundaries to a new level. It is a crypto asset management app that is headquartered in Singapore. However, it is a multinational company that works worldwide. Recently they launched their first cryptocurrency snowball product. And that is what I am here to discuss with you. 

Metalpha Products

As a crypto asset management app, it has some exciting products for all investors, including beginners to experienced. Before investing in Metalpha, you essential to know about their product. 


Crypto Snowball is the most common and trusted money investment procedure in crypto that provides traditional investment with a better return. And Metalpha Snowball is the best in the market with a maximum return guarantee. You can buy this product using USDT or BTC with 105% callable and 80% conversion prices. Since it is a new product, surely early investors will get extra benefits from it. 


If you are a beginner-level investor, you should try Sharkfin with less risk and is easy to understand. And, you can secure your money quickly with the Metalpha investment. This yield enhancement product has a floating return with a superb opportunity to make quick money. Also, it has 14 days of maturity time to get back your money with a handsome profit quickly. As you know, Sharkfin works with the USDT based on BTC price. If you invest correctly, you can get up to a 30% return based on the BTC price. Two types of options are available here: Bullish Sharkfin and Bearish Sharkfin. Bearish Sharkfin is for lower BTC value, and Bullish is for the higher value. However, you must guess the price and keep between the numbers to achieve the most profit. 

Dual Interest

If you have more interest in some serious earning, investing in this product can make a handsome amount of money within a month. The product costs 10 BTC, and the maturity period is 30 days. You can get your money back on BTC or ETH according to the valuation during the maturity date. 

How? If the final price goes above the strike price, you will get money back in BTC. Therefore, you will get 1 + yield amount. For the opposite scenario, your product will be converted into ETH. So, there is a chance to hit the jackpot if the final price goes up from the strike price. Also, getting your money back in ETH would not be that bad. In both cases, you will get your money back with less or more profit based on calculation. 

Return Structure of Metalpha

It should not be hard to understand if you are already familiar with the BTC snowball investment. There are two types of chances of profit and one risk of your investment. 

If the cryptocurrency price goes above the knock-out price on the observation date, you will get the maximum profit from this ETH Snowball. And the profit is your invested money with the knock-out coupon. In this case, that price is 105% of the initial price. And you will get a 30% bonus coupon if you can hit it. 

Also, if you can remain within the barrier price during the investment period, you do not have to worry about the money you have invested. Well, the profit would not be that much as you can guess the price goes up. Yet, you will receive a dividend coupon at maturity, which can still make some profit as you expect. And the barrier price is 80% of the initial price. 

Finally, if the price goes below the predetermined barrier price, you can call yourself unlucky for not making a profit. Well, the BTC price is down, as goes your money. Your invested amount will be converted into BTC. But, you will get BTC at a 20% discount to make the loss even. 

Either way, you will make a profit or even with 100% security of your money. And there is nothing complicated about the return structure as well. Well, it is a bi-weekly callable product with a six-month investment period.

Secure your crypto assets 

The most significant risk of digital assets is security. Therefore, the Metalpha security team is working on securing your money as much as possible. As the cybercriminal gets more creative, the Metalpha team is more secure in protecting your investments. However, some tips you can follow to secure your money. 

Use Strong Password

Most of the time, hackers use an automated guessing password by a software called Bruteforce. Here, the software makes the various combinations of passwords to guess them correctly. And it is proven that if you create a strong password using the combination of numbers, letters, uppercase, and symbols. Also, you can get help from an online password generator, which ensures strong passwords that is not crackable by a Bruteforce. 

Use Difference Password

When you use the same password for all your online accounts, it is easy to guess, and once someone can get into one of your digital accounts, he can get access to all of the other accounts, including your digital assets. Therefore, make sure to set different passwords to secure your assets. 

Secure Internet Connection

Public IP is the most common way to trespass your device and get access to all of your accounts. Use a real IP internet connection or VPN to stay secure while browsing the internet. Also, never login to your wallet using a public network such as restaurant Wi-Fi. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the essential security protocol you should use when it is about securing money or protecting your account. It may bother you while login into your wallet, but that is worth saving your money. 

Do Not Click Unknown Links

When all the steps fail, the hacker will send you a fishing link or a link with the virus to get access to your device. You will see no difference while clicking the link. But, it will automatically install hacking software into your device that can give them access. Also, you can use antivirus software to eliminate these potential risks. 


As a crypto investor, you can get your money return with a handsome profit from this Metalpha Snowball with great potential with minimum risk. Your investment will be 100% secured, go to the right hand, and come back with a profit. Even as a beginner, it will not make you disappointed. Moreover, investing in new products with a lot of potential is always brilliant. Fortunately, you can count Metalpha crypto snowball among them.