Metalpha Launches First Crypto Snowball Product in Crypto Asset Management Industry

Metalpha is launching the first BTC Snowball & ETH Snowball Product this Thursday (Jun. 23).

Metalpha is a joint venture between US-listed Long Yun International Holdings Limited (LYL.US) and well-known mining pool company Antpool Holdings. It provides cryptocurrency financial services to global investors.

In addition to the upcoming Snowball product with cryptocurrency as the underlying investment, Metalpha also offers customers with the following products and services:

– USDT, BTC, ETH fixed income products;

– BTC/ETH  Dual Coin Product ;

– BTC & ETH Shark Fin Product ;

– Professional investor product customization.

Snowball product is one of the very sought-after investment products in the traditional financial sector. The Metalpha Crypto Snowball product has a similar return structure to the traditional financial snowball product that usually has stock index underlyings. In traditional finance, snowball structured products are also called Autocallable Barrier Reverse Convertible (ABRC), which features high coupon yields and tail risk that offers formulaic returns.

Return Structure of Metalpha Crypto Snowball

  • If the price of the underlying cryptocurrency is at or above the knock-out price on the knock-out observation date, the investors will immediately receive all of the principal and the knock-out coupon.
  • If at any time during the investment period there is no knock-out and the underlying price never falls to or below a predetermined barrier price, the investors will receive all of the principal and the dividend coupon at maturity.
  • If there is no knock-out but a knock-in, and the final price is lower than the strike price, the investor will buy the target currency at the strike price.

(The author’s views are for reference only and shall not constitute any investment advice. Please ensure you fully understand and assess  the products and associated risks before purchasing..)

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